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PKMN Collecting Permanent Wants List
I'll update this later with images and such to make it look nicer. For now, here's a simple list~ ;3

I'm only looking for items that are in mint/"like new" condition, usually. Further preferences are noted within each category.

(MWT ONLY; JPN preferred but US version accepted, too)
1. Red Genesect
2. Meloetta
3. Emolga
4. Woobat
5. Scraggy
6. Drillbur
7. Ducklett
8. Munna
9. Gothita
10. Tympole
11. Foongus
12. Sawk
13. Throh
14. Timburr

(MWT; detatched tag is fine~)
1. Lugia
2. Raichu

(TTO acceptable as long as condition is good)
1. 1:1 Totodile
2. Namco Raffle Prize Zorua

(Usually fine w/o packaging unless noted otherwise)
1. Zekrom Lotto Figure (With the box, please!)
2. Clear Zoroark Zukan (Also need a base)

1. Mythical Mew Promo Pin + Card
2. Mythical Jirachi Promo Pin + Card
3. Mythical Manaphy Promo Pin + Card

1. N + Reshiram Framed Print
2. BW PKMN Trainer Pins
3. BW PKMN Trainer Clear Files
4. N + Darmanitan Clear File
5. N and Zekrom Mug (With box, please!)

Hey, I'm Riley! I live in southern California, and am a university student 20 years of age. I'm an artist and an avid collector of Pokemon merch among other things. c: I've been a huge fan of Pokemon for most of my life, (since I was 5,) and Gen V is my absolute favorite. <3 Here are a couple quick shots of my PokePlush collection: [x] [x]

Two other places you can find me that I frequent the most and post artwork on are deviantART and tumblr, under the same username, and I am also active on twitter!

I had another LJ account that I posted on years ago, but I can't get on it any more. It's probably for the best I start anew anyways, considering I made most of those entries when I was an embarrassing 14 yr old hahaha.

Mainly just here for pkmncollectors tbh. :'D  Find all my community posts here!